In 2021, we brought our e-commerce courses together with our trainees. We have reached hundreds of trainees who want to start e-commerce in both online and face-to-face courses or who want to provide consultancy in this field in a short time. You can find below the details of our e-commerce courses.


In today’s world where consumer habits and understanding of commerce are changing rapidly, it has become very important for companies to be found, accessible and able to trade on the internet as well as their physical businesses.

Thanks to the spread of e-commerce and the opportunities it offers, companies have become much more profitable and advantageous sales. Considering the need for trained personnel and the growing market in the sector, more professionals are needed.

For people who aim for a career in e-commerce, who want to move their business to e-commerce or who want to work in the e-commerce departments of advertising agencies;

In our training content, in which we have presented e-commerce, risks, advantages and strategies with all the details from A to Z, you will have the opportunity to learn about the establishment of your own e-commerce site, develop yourself according to your area of ​​​​interest, and evaluate different options. In our lessons, we will be doing case studies, talking about innovations and answering your other questions.

Who Can Participate in the “E-Commerce Expertise” Training?

  • Aiming for a career in E-Commerce,
  • Who want to success their business with E-Commerce,
  • People who want to work in the E-Commerce departments of advertising agencies can attend this training.