Meet Müge Ünlü Çağlayan?

Digital Marketing and Social Media Specialist Müge Ünlü Çağlayan is founder of the agency who is graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of International Trade and Business, with a %100 scholarship, honor degree in the department. She started her business life during her university years, had the opportunity to get to know different cultures in different countries and had the experience of working in different companies.

She worked as a Planning and Purchasing Specialist at Petrol Ofisi HQ. She worked as an Import Supply Specialist at Fiat Turkey and took an active role in start-up and mass production process of the EGEA/TIPO project while working at Tofaş. Deciding to continue her career in the field of sales and marketing, she continued to work as Sales and Marketing Group Manager at İnallar Automotive Inc. She managed the digitalization process by planning the advertising and marketing processes of all brands within the company.

Çağlayan established Muma Agency multi-channel marketing advertising agency in 2019 after receiving various trainings on digital marketing, which has become one of the most important professions of the future, from both foreign and domestic sources. By ending the partnership with Muma in 2022, she has decided to continue to share all her knowledge and experience with the Digital Co-work brand.

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    Graphic Design Specialist
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    Social Media Expert

About Digital Cowork

We apply international marketing and advertising metas for local firms, start-ups and global companies.

We offer our customers versatile and digital transformation-oriented marketing strategies by using digital marketing tools effectively. We apply our “coworker” principle in all processes by interacting with our brands and our customers with the perspective that is not being a problem maker, but being a solution partner.

Marketing and advertising activities will be more successful the better you know the brand, the more you research and do a strong SWOT study. For this reason, we do not only do digital marketing work, we focus on business development with a holistic perspective by providing consultancy services in all marketing, sales and,in case of necessity, purchasing.

Sustainable collaborations have always been our goal. Our cowork perspective is the most important tool in achieving this goal. Because we believe that if we see every brand as our own, we can achieve success.