We have been providing online and face-to-face training since 2019. You can find the details of our Digital Marketing and Social Media Management courses below for which more than 1500 trainees received their certificates.


We offer a training where you can master all of the digital marketing tools, gain professionalism, and use these tools to build your own strategy and put it into practice.

With Digital Marketing and Social Media Management training, you will have theoretical and practical information about digital marketing, which has become one of the most important tools of sales and marketing. By taking this course, you will learn social media management and advertising, mobile and e-mail marketing methods, tools offered by Google as a must for digital marketing, points to consider when preparing a web page or having a web page made by a professional, introduction to e-commerce and attention. You will learn what to do when taking and editing photos to be used in digital marketing, and finally how to analyze all your work, how to follow your strategy and goals.


Retain Your Existing Customers and Gain New Customers With Online Digital Marketing Training

Through the information you will get at this training, it provides many job opportunities such as growing your own business, digitizing it, adding value to the marketing processes of your current institution, contributing to your career and your own development, drawing a new career path, working in advertising agencies, providing digital marketing services as a freelance.

Career Opportunities After Digital Marketing Training

This training, which we have prepared for entrepreneurs, those who want to start or grow their own business, work in an agency, become a social media expert, serve as a freelance agency or companies, is for both small-scale companies and those working in the marketing and e-commerce departments of large-scale companies suitable.